Peak to Peak Pickleball

The Heart of the Rockies - Chaffee County, Colorado


2024 P2P Rally in the Valley Tournament

September 6 - 8

Centennial Park Courts, Salida

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We are excited to announce that our official tournament ball sponsor is Selkirk!

2024 Sponsors:

Mariner Wealth

Austina Campbell/ Collegiate Peaks Realty 

Salida RV Resort

High Country Bank

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort

Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center

Janine Marr Realty

Salida Pharmacy & Fountain


Collegiate Peaks Bank

2024 Spring Break Tournament - Buena Vista

Women's Doubles 2.5:

Gold:  Laurie Rittersbacher and Elizabeth Koehler

Silver:  Sherri Southoff and Laurie Caramanian

Bronze:  Jen Birge and Kate Shea

Women's Doubles 3.0: 

Gold:  Janine Marr and Susie Richardson

Silver:  Donna Henderson and Lisa Kitterman

Bronze:  Laura Pintane and Kim Hughes

Women's Doubles 3.5

Gold:  Ashley Bailey and Ohla Chalakov

Silver:  Stephanie Rummold and Jennifer Eggleston

Bronze:  Gail Hayes and Geri Mahder

Women's Doubles 4.0+

Gold:  Ohla Chalakov and Ashley Bailey

Silver:  Charlotte Karls and Cami Jamerson

Bronze:  Stephanie McDonald and Kim Davis

Mixed Doubles 2.5

Gold:  Sue Murphy and Tom Murphy

Silver:  Renee Duricy and Anthony Duricy

Bronze:  Jen Birge and Jeffrey Keidel

Mixed Doubles 3.0

Gold:  Karen Bender and Robert Hornbaker

Silver:  Deena Graham and Mike Brannon

Bronze:  Denise Mackey and Kevin Mackey

Mixed Doubles 3.5

Gold:  Stephanie Rumold and Uriah Werner

Silver:  Sharon Becker and Mike Becker

Bronze:  Rose Seavey and Kevin Megyeri

Mixed Doubles 4.0+

Gold:  Cami Jamerson and Chris Branson

Silver:  Charlotte Karls and Voytec Dziechciowski

Bronze:  Ashlee Cerda and Peter Goddard

Men's Doubles 3.0:

Gold:  Mike Brannon and Martin Newcomb

Silver:  Steve O'Neil and Fred Schubert

Bronze:  Tim Dick and Robin Weiss

Men's Doubles 3.5:

Gold:  Daniel Soda and Moises Ortiz

Silver: Dawson Woodward and Howard Bay

Bronze:  Lyle Williams and Curt Pederson

Men's Doubles 4.0+

Gold:  Alex Wiser and Brian Weber

Silver:  Matthew Stephens and Tom Gibson

Bronze:  Pablo Mendez and Chad Elizondo

The Third Annual Peak to Peak Classic "Rally in the Valley" Pickleball Tournament 

September 8, 9, and 10, 2023

Women's Doubles 2.5

Gold:  Peggy Donovan & Lori Caramanian

Silver:  Gale Jones Westerberg & Donna Henderson

Bronze:  Kate Shea & Kathy Keidel

Women's Doubles 3.0

Gold:  Geri Mahder & Gail Hayes

Silver:  Diane Cannella & Cheryl Piderit

Bronze:  Stacy Johnston & Jennie Piotrowski

Women's Doubles 3.5

Gold:  Sue Spielman & Jeanne Jambor

Silver:  Sonni Slappey & Janet Mancuso

Bronze:  Nancy Wachowiak & Anna Buss

Women's Doubles 4.0

Gold:  Tracy Morrissey & Kathleen Gorman

Silver:  Charlotte Karls & Cami Jamerson

Bronze:  Carolyn Tilley & Stephanie McDonald

Women's Doubles 4.5

Gold:  Stacy Keating & Bonnie Scott

Silver:  Karen O'Hare & Sue Torrence

Bronze:  Karen Balliet & Maria Tafuri

Mixed Doubles 3.0

Gold: Leann Roynolds & Dominic Rynolds

Silver:  Kelley Dold & Brett Ritchie

Bronze:  Tracie Rainey & Rory Rainey

Mixed Doubles 3.5

Gold:  Ashlee Cerda & Peter Goddard

Silver:  Anna Buss & Josh Reel

Bronze:  Nancy Wachowiak & Cainin Becker

Mixed Doubles 4.0

Gold:  Katy Barnett & Chris Barnett

Silver:  Janet Mancuso & Greg Frauenhoff

Bronze:  JoLane Hochstetler & Dean Hochstetler

Mixed Doubles 4.5

Gold:  Cami Jamerson & Scott Erickson

Silver:  Traci Birchler & Steve Strahler

Bronze:  Stephanie McDonald & Chris Branson

Men's Doubles 3.0

Gold: Ted Bohn & Shannon Tucker

Silver:  Dennis Bremser & Mark Carder

Bronze:  Kevin Hosman & Terry Pintane

Men's Doubles 3.5

Gold:  Justin Hollenbeck & Alex Brady

Silver:  Peter Goddard & Lyle Williams

Bronze:  Sam Johnson & Stefan Bate

Men's Doubles 4.0

Gold:  Brad Leach & Matt Sweeney

Silver:  Chris Barnett & Craig Rae

Bronze:  John Egan & Sam Eichenblatt

Men's Doubles 4.5

Gold:  Chris Branson & Bryan Everhart

Silver:  Mathew McCabe & Jared Carlson

Bronze:  Scott Eckstrom & Shawn Hatch

2023 P2P Spring Break Indoor Tournament at Darren Patterson Christian Academy (Buena Vista)

Friday, March 31 - Women's Doubles 

Saturday, April 1 - Mixed Doubles

Sunday, April 2 - Men's Doubles

Tournament Results:

Women's Doubles 4.0 

Gold - Jean Giovetti/Maureen Crandall

Silver - Monica Kopp/Janna Pedersen

Bronze - Jill James/Julianne Young

Women's Doubles 3.5

Gold - Rose Seavey/Janet Mancuso

Silver - Tammy Payne/Kim Wilson

Bronze - Lynn Boyd/Christine Kaufman

Women's Doubles 3.0

Gold - Paige Echele/Ashlee Cerda

Silver - Gail Hayes/Geri Mahder

Bronze - Kathleen Gonzales/Samantha Vugrinec

Women's Doubles 2.5

Gold -Cheyenne Shae-Pollock/Lori Engle

Silver -Deena Graham/Johanna Hall

Bronze - Hunter Sydnor/Michelle Jones

Mixed Doubles 4.0

Gold -  Stephanie McDonald/Chris Branson

Silver - Traci Birchler/Kevi Megyeri

Bronze - Marnie Knapp/Brian Weber

Mixed Doubles 3.5

Gold - Janna Pedersen/Matthew Pedersen

Silver - Christine Lahey/Vincy Lahey

Bronze - Rose Seavey/Mike Becker

Mixed Doubles 3.0

Gold - Stephanie Jansen/J.P. Duran

Silver - Suzette Megyeri/Kayden Branson

Bronze - Judy Allen/Christopher Morton

Mixed Doubles 2.5

Gold - Hunter Sydnor/Al Jones

Silver - Louise Becker/Chuck Hassold

Bronze - Dorothy Bernhardt/Pat Bernhardt

Men's Doubles 4.0

Gold - John Takacs/Scott Eckstrom

Silver - Alex Cole/Tommy Gogolen, Jr.

Bronze - Brian Weber/David Sackmann

Men's Doubles 3.5

Gold -Brian Jennison/David Thornsby

Silver -Alex Ware/Darrell Sampson

Bronze -Peter Goddard/Lyle Williams

Men's Doubles 3.0

Gold -Scott Burkhardt/Rich Olver

Silver - Fred Schubert/Steve Bruckman

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