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Peak to Peak Pickleball Club

Salida, Buena Vista, and the surrounding area

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Welcome to the Peak to Peak Pickleball Club!

As a group of passionate and active pickleball players in beautiful Chaffee County, Colorado, we have accomplished much over the past few years.  In 2018, partnering with the City of Salida, we obtained a GOCO grant and built eight shared-use pickleball courts at Centennial Park in Salida.  We are currently raising funds to build six dedicated pickleball courts in Buena Vista, which we hope to accomplish by 2022.  Buena Vista currently has four shared-use courts. 

Our club is now large enough to sustain regular summertime pickleball activities.  In 2019 we held our first Round Robins and a Shoot-Out.  We have now expanded our organized play to include Ladder Leagues, Round Robins, and Shoot-Outs on a regular basis.  In tandem with organized play, we have daily open play for a wide range of players and skill levels, including local residents, club members, and visitors who spend months at a time in our beautiful valley.  We host a spring indoor tournament in Buena Vista and a fall outdoor tournament in Salida.  Our tournaments are some of the best small-town tournaments in Colorado!

In summer 2019, we held a total of five Learn-to-Play Clinics in Salida and BV, which brought many new players to our club.  We will continue to offer clinics to new players while also offering a variety of activities to players of all ability levels.

In the winter we have indoor venues in both Salida and Buena Vista.  Winters in the valley are mild enough that we have stretches of time when we can enjoy our outdoor courts amid a backdrop of the snow-covered Rocky Mountains.

I invite you to join this fun group as a member, a volunteer, a sponsor, or a social friend, while you learn to enjoy the “fastest growing sport in America.”

P2P Pickleball Club President 2019

Welcome to Chaffee County, Colorado!

The Colorado mountain towns of Salida and Buena Vista are nestled in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley, literally in the "Heart of the Rockies," about 2 hours from Colorado Springs and 2.5 hours from Denver. Our towns are a welcoming Western retreat for everyone, from the solo outdoors adventure-seeker to families who wish to ‘Play and Stay’ in the glorious Rocky Mountains.  Chaffee County has more 14,000 -ft mountains than any county in the state and the Gold Medal Arkansas River provides outstanding fishing, rafting, kayaking, and SUPing.  The mountains offer miles of beautiful hiking and biking trails.  Wintertime brings snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling.  Salida and Buena Vista are growing towns with galleries, musical venues, and many seasonal festivals.  No matter what time of year you choose to visit, you will find something to make your stay a memorable one!  And in your spare time  . . . join us on our pickleball courts for some pickleball fun!  We are the friendliest and most welcoming pickleball community around!

Club Members:  Don't forget to download the free mobile app!!  That way you can carry a membership directory and event calendar with you wherever you go!

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P2P players often communicate via a Google Group called Peak to Peak Pickleball.  If you'd like to join our Google Group, simply log on to Google Groups, search for our group, and ask to be invited to the group.  You should hear back within 24 hours.

Check out our Facebook page, P2P Pickleball for more information and photos. 

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