Peak to Peak Pickleball

The Heart of the Rockies - Chaffee County, Colorado

Open Play Guidelines

We welcome you to the Salida and BV Pickleball/Tennis courts!

General rules that we use to ensure that all players have a good time: 

  •   Use common sense and courtesy.  If you see new or unfamiliar people, introduce yourself and welcome them to the courts. 
  •  All players, please sign in at the kiosk.  On our outdoor courts, Salida Rec asks for a $2 voluntary court donation fee. BV Rec requires a $2 fee.  Indoor fees, $3 at DPCA and $5 at the Fairgrounds (discount punch cards available), are mandatory to cover the cost of building rental at all indoor facilities.
  •  In Salida, more advanced/competitive play is typically set up on the north end of the courts.  Recreational/social play is on the south end.  (If you don’t know your skill level, see the descriptors in the back of the sign-in book).
  •  If you are waiting for a game, set your paddle next to the net of a court that you would like to enter.  When the game ends, the winners typically stay and split.  Losers exit the court so that 2 new players can enter.  When a game ends, it is helpful communication if you call for 2 new players to come on the court. New in 2021 - we will be using the Paddle Saddle rotation system.  Place your paddle in an open slot in the rack when you arrive to play.  Detailed instructions will be posted at the courts.
  • If you would like to play on the challenge court, sign your name on the whiteboard and wait for your turn.  Winners may stay on the challenge court as long for as they win.  If you and your partner would prefer to have the winners split for a game, you may ask them to do so, however after that came is completed, they would still retain the challenge court and you and your partner must exit the court.  While you are waiting for your turn to play on the challenge court, you may play another game, as long as everyone in the game is aware and agrees that you may leave in the middle of the game if your turn at the challenge court comes up.
  •  Informal Ladder Play:  Some days we may set up a ladder on the north end of the courts.  Anyone may join in the ladder.  Ladders are competitive.  When the ladder starts, place yourself on the courts by ability.  Court 1 is the highest ability-level court.  Play commences on all courts.  Play until a game reaches 11 points.  All courts in the ladder stop play.  The winners move up a court and split.  The losers move down a court and split.  People may join or leave the ladder at any time.  If you join the ladder after it has started, or leave and then rejoin, you must enter at the bottom court. 
  •  Novice players. . .if you don’t have enough players for a game, use the time to practice skills.  Often, more advanced players will be happy to join you for a game or two, but don't expect them to disrupt their advanced play to accommodate you.  Work to improve your skills so that you can play in an upper-level game without disrupting the flow of play.
  • Set up and take down:  If you arrive and need a net, get one from the shed and set it up.  If you need help, ask other players for assistance.  When you are ready to leave for the day, look to see if your net will be used by other players.  If not, then take the net down and put it in the shed.  If you need help, ask other players for assistance.
  • Arranged Play:  If you have arranged for some private play time with a group of players and don’t wish to rotate in with the general players, get an “Arranged Play” sign from the shed and put it on your net.  If all 8 courts are being used in general play, be courteous, mix in, and schedule your arranged play at another time.  Generally speaking, the best time for arranged play is in the afternoon or evening, rather than during morning Open Play.
  • Playing Up and Playing Down – Read the posted “Tips for Playing Up” and “Tips for Playing Down” and use common sense and courtesy.  If you’d like to play in games with higher-level players, then take the time to practice, drill, and improve your skills. 
  • See the posted court schedule to see when Pickleball and Tennis have priority play times.  Non-priority players must relinquish the courts to priority players if there is a need for court space.  On shared days, half of the court must be relinquished.
  • Have fun!  Do your part to make sure that the other players on the courts are also having fun!  Remember that pickleball is only a game and that we are all here to have a good time.
  • Please remember to pay your court fee.  BV and Salida are small communities and we want to support our Recreation Departments!

Peak to Peak Pickleball is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Salida, Colorado 81201

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