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Round Robin Play

Round Robins are free to P2P Club Members.  Non-members may participate for $3.  This is in addition to the daily court fee, and is payable online through the Events Page, or at the courts.

A “Round Robin” is a structured form of play, typically organized by skill levels.  Round Robins are intended to be more social than competitive.   Round Robins will be held roughly once a month, typically on a Saturday morning, although if a majority of people are interested in evening round robins, we can give that a try.  Round robins will be held for Novice players and for Intermediate players.  Please sign up for the round robin that matches your skill level.  See the Skill Level Descriptors if you are unsure of your ability level. 

In the time allocated to each Round Robin session (90 minutes) you will play at least six games, each with a different partner and against a different pair of opponents. Games will be played to 11, win by 1.  At the end of each game, the winning team is responsible for reporting the score to the Round Robin Captain. There will be no more than 2 minute breaks between games. This is designed to be recreational, fun play. Please adjust your game so that everyone on the court has a good time. This means two things: Do NOT avoid hitting to the stronger player on the court. It’s extremely irritating to never get the ball. All players on the court should be getting to play roughly the same percentage of shots. Do NOT continually smash a low-level player. It’s just not nice. Share the love, and smash both players on the other side of the net equally.

When you arrive you will be assigned a number. Your number remains yours throughout the session and dictates which court you play on, with whom you are playing as a partner, and against which opponents. Your Round Robin Captain will help you get started with this.  If there is an uneven number of players signed up, you may have a “bye” (where you sit out for one game). 

It is important that players arrive AT LEAST ten minutes before the Round Robin is scheduled to start. It is appreciated if players arrive even earlier to set up the nets.  Late arrivals may be replaced or simply not allowed to play. If you sign up for a Round Robin and then find that you can not play, you MUST find a replacement player. Please help take down the nets if they will no longer be used after Round Robin play has finished.

Tentative Round Robin Dates - Sign-up will be activated one week before the round robin. 

May 2021:

Saturday, May 8 - Novice  (sign up link will be activated in April)

Saturday May 22 - Intermediate

June 2021:

July 2021:

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